With POWER OF THE DREAM the Russian singer Marina May (25) proudly presents her debut album. Marina May (real name Marina Miroshnikova) was born in USSR in August 1985, but moved to Germany for some years with her family, her father was a military, mother was a product manager. I immediately told my mother that “I will study music and there is nothing to discuss because I feel music in me and I need to learn how to let her come out ” And she did. She started to attend a music school there together with elementary school. Her life was not easy moving with her parents from town to town because of her father work. But it didn’t disturb her from indulging completely in music.In 1995 her family settled down in Moscow, where Marina continued to attend a music school.
May’s influences ranges from Rock ,Pop,Hip-hop to R’n’B and dancefloor. She started to play piano at the age of six years, with 13 she performed live on stage with an orchestra. Just one year later she began to write songs with English lyrics. “I was round about five years old when I heard ‘It Must Have Been Love’ in the radio. It was a shock, in a positive way.”on graduating from music school I noticed that my skills and knowledge in modern music weren’t yet good enough to write a good song in a foreign language , so I worked harder at myself playing piano, singing,listening and studying great tracks of great artists.I also took a great interest in dance , especially in R&B and belly dance, it was helping me so much to understand how to express emotions from within.”

At the age of 15, Marina had got a dreadful disease,bacterial meningitis. She was about 8 days unconscious in reanimation ,without any hope of surviving,finally recovered she was more than sure that she was born for doing something good in this world.Marina is not those type to give up.” I think if God brought me back to life, it was for a reason, I understood the meaning of my life , and of course it is music.The doctors told me that my abilities after the desease could be “drugged” , but I was to prove to everybody that desire and determination to act can fight everything,I’m convinced that our destiny goes along with our intentions, not against them.”
In 2003 after leaving high school, Marina entered in Moscow State Linguistic University, where besides English she studied Italian and German as well.” It was really hard times, I needed to work after lessons to raise money for recording my first songs,my parents gave me freedom of choice but they also said that I have to realize my dreams for my own money, and I completely agreed with that.” Marina taught Italian, worked as interpreter in different exhibitions. “My day started at 5:00 a.m.,ended late at night ,but I was feeling good that I could earn my first money to start making my dream step by step come true.”